All on 4

To help deal with the discomfort of dentures, or several missing or failing teeth, many people are choosing to have the All-on-4 dental implant procedure. This can also be known as “Teeth in a Day,” or “Same Day Teeth”.

This procedure provides our patients with permanent fixed teeth utilizing 4-6 dental implants. Your new teeth are fixed in place at the same time your implant posts are placed, so that you leave our office with brand-new teeth the same day as treatment. We will adjust your oral prosthetics to give you the best function, comfort and appearance possible.


Besides having a new set of fixed teeth in just one day, there are countless other benefits to an All-On-4 treatment. This operation is significantly less invasive, involves less surgical time, and is more cost effective when compared to similar procedures. There is no longer a need for ill-fitting dentures, or annoying denture adhesives since your new teeth are secured in like natural teeth.

All-on-4s is a life changing procedure that is sure to make people smile more!

All on 4


All on 4



If you think you need an All-On-4, we ask that our patients have a consultation with Dr. Kikuchi and our implant specialists to gather information for a comprehensive treatment plan.During this visit, our staff will provide a state-of-the-art 3D CT scan, as well as additional X-Rays, impressions, or photos if necessary. All this information will further help Dr. Kikuchi to decide if any tooth extractions or other procedures prior to receiving your All-on-4 treatment is required.

After the consultation, patients can then be scheduled for surgery. Most patients are placed under anesthesia, which is administered by Dr. Kikuchi himself. We highly recommend this option so that you are safe and comfortable during the procedure.

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